Asthi Jivak for Knee Pain
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Asthijivak Pain Relief Paste


Invented by prominent ayurvedacharya's from about 175 years ago, Ashtjeevak is known to be the miraculous ayurvedic treatment for muscular and joint pains, specifically the knee pain. The formulation used to be very popular in earlier days among Indian soldiers and commoners that even Britishers started using it and get benefited with the same. However, the preparation was limited to very few people and was not very common. The ayurvedic medicine later passed on to the the generations of Vaidhya Sharma and it is then when the distribution is formalized in away that it now become the household cure for all the joint pains.

WHAT is Asthijivak

Made with miraculous Ayurvedic herbs, Ashtjeevak brings you an efficient cure for muscular and Joint pains. It is an old age Ayurvedic medicine in the form of oil and paste, invented by Sri Ram Sharma (the follower of Ayurveda) keeping in mind the different disorders associated with joints and muscles. The treatment worked out great and was also equipped by soldiers and Britishers. However, the formulation was limited and it did not reach to commoners. Later, the treatment gets re-formalized by the generations of Vaidhya Sharma and became an effective cure for joint pains in every household. This Ayurvedic remedy works through increasing lubrication in your joints and helps in improving its movement. With all the amazing qualities, it is among the best herbal invention that has no side effects and is safe to be used for all joint pains.



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